The electron microscope

Go to the Iowa State University Scanning Electron Microscopy -- Details on How the Scanning Electron Microscopy Works and find out how the electron microscope works.
Then, go to Simulation 1 from Molecular Expressions Virtual Microscopy pages
Try playing with the different samples.
Then, try Simulation 2
Click on the Logo below to go to Dr. Dennis Kunkel's site, then click on his Education Logo to go to the Education part of the site. Finally click on the link to Use a JavaScript SEM

Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Finally, Simulation 3.
Our own University of Queensland has an Electron Microscopy Centre which you may visit virtually.
See if you can find the part of the site with bacteria on the head of a pin.
Try looking at some of their images!!


  • Using either of the simulation sites, choose a subject to examine.
  • Produce sketches of it at low and high magnification in pencil or with your computer.
  • Write a short poem about how the images make you feel.
  • Open and complete this file, and submit it using Encarta Class Server.