The stereo microscope

The stereo microscope, like the monocular light microscope, uses beams of light to make the image you see.
However, while the monocular microscope (which sometimes has two eyepieces, and is then called binocular) allows us to examine thin specimens,the stereo microscope allows us to look at larger parts of organisms with a 3D like view.
Show me a picture of one!!

Your teacher will show you how to carry and set up this microscope.

  • Examine as many samples as possible.
    You may use the samples at the front of the lab., or things from your pencil case, or items from around the room.
    Note! Care is needed when you view the specimens encased in clear plastic.The bottoms are easily scratched, so please lift them to move them. No sliding!
  • Sketch three favourites on paper or using a mouse in Paint and submit them via Encarta Class Server using this file.