Flash CS5.5 Self-Paced Course I

About this Flash CS 5.5 Course

This course is an introduction to Flash CS 5.5 intended mainly for Somerville House Year 8 students.
It replaces an older course for Flash 8.
Navigate the course using the expanding menu. The text in both columns is hyperlinked to pages in the course. Some of the tasks are adapted from 'How To Cheat in Adobe Flash CS5' by Chris Georgenes, Focal Press.

If you are completely unfamiliar with Flash you may like to view this video.
Close the window when you are finished.

Flash CS5.5 has many cool animation tools, and this course will focus on using these to create animations.
There are tasks to be completed and submitted during the course to demonstrate competence with the various tools. These are listed in more detail in the Assignment on My Subjects.

The final task will be a short animated movie controlled by start and stop buttons in which you can try out your new skills.
More detail about this will follow as you near the completion of the tasks.

A movie from Adobe TV 'What's new in Flash CS5.5' is shown below for teachers and experienced users.