The Lux meter

The meter measures 0-50000 Lux for a wide range of uses 
It has an Auto zero adjustment, and high accuracy 
The separate light sensor allows you to take measurements at an optimum position.
The meter has three ranges [x 100, x 10 & x 1]. .
Start on x 100. If you get a reading of say 007 on x 100, shift the range to x 10,. If you still get a zero before the first number, shift to x 1

The instrument is robust enough for student use provided it is not

  • dropped or
  • allowed to get wet.
If you should have an accident, please report it to the staff. Accidents happen, and we will only be cross if we find out later, especially if you got the meter wet and it is too late to rinse and dry it. 

Picture from website of 
Digital Lux Meters