Raphunzel's Quest

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Raphunzel's Quest is a simple adventure game designed to be programmed in Adobe Flash now Animate using ActionScript 3 and exported and played as a .swf file.
Sadly Adobe has discontinued support for the Flash Player as 2021, and so the compiled .swf files no longer run in a browser.
HOWEVER can still be run from inside Animate using Control--> Test Movie--> In Animate, so the exercise is still possible. There are other .swf players out there, but I'll leave that to you.
If the player makes the correct choices in the game they are able to rescue the Prince. If the choices are wrong, Raphunzel and the Prince are doomed to a life together high above the ground.

Download the Starter File and import it into Animate.
Click on Control--> Test Movie--> In Animate, and press the Play button to begin the game.

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