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About Amymation

Amymation is a joint project of Amy and Sally Mack to create How To's, self-contained 'Flipped Classroom' courses and Learning Objects.
Together they have made a number of Learning Objects, including Materials Identification Quiz, Fruit Fly Lab and an Electrical Symbols Matching game which is also available on Google Play.

AmyAmy Mack has Bachelor of Multimedia and Bachelor of Animation(Hons) degrees from Griffith University.
She is proficient in ActionScript, JavaScript, PHP and HTML.
Amy is the creator of Betty and Sparklepuss, and has written a number of Flash How Tos.

SallySally Mack BSc(Hons), PGrad.Dip.Ed, PGrad.Cert.CompEd teaches part-time at Somerville House.
Her passion is using ICT to help students understand and learn. Her interest in Flash arises from this.
Sally has maintained a set of web pages for Science since 1998.

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