Raphunzel's Quest

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The Raphunzel's Quest Challenge.

Raphunzel's Quest was made using Adobe Flash CS5.5 but preliminary testing indicates it works with Animate CC, apart from an error message regarding TLF text being converted to Classic text. This error does not effect the programming.
Your challenge is to build/program the game.
You are provided with a 'Kit' consisting of a .fla file that has been set up with the basic artwork completed, and the movie clip and button assets already in the library.
You can build the completed game from the kit and the self-paced video instructions for basic credit, and must improve on the original for a better grade. You can add more objects, change the music, change the scoring, change the text... really you are only limited by your imagination. There are many resources on the web that you can use, as well as your teacher, or you can email me.

Extensive use of the Code Snippets feature, and 'insert target path' tool is made in the videos.

This approach has the following advantages:

For more on Code Snippets see the Adobe TV presentation by Paul Trani.

Here is the rubric/criteria sheet.

Here is the starter file for you to download.