Raphunzel's Quest

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The Raphunzel's Quest Challenge has been used to teach ethics to Year 9 students by having the them make a game in which the choices made determine the fate of the game characters.
The unfortunate fact that in life there is often no re-set button is emphasised

The game is made using Adobe Flash CS5.5. Students are provided with a 'Kit' consisting of a .fla file that has been set up with the basic artwork completed, and the movie clip and button assets already in the library.
Students build the completed game from the kit and the Camtasia Video instructions for basic credit, and must improve on the original for a better grade. This encourages the students to be creative.

Extensive use of the Code Snippets feature, and 'insert target path' tool is made.

This approach has the following advantages:

Even so, students still make mistakes, and there is ample scope for problem solving.

For more on Code Snippets see the Adobe TV presentation by Paul Trani.