Safety in the Laboratory.
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
    Use your common sense!
    • Stay out of the laboratory if the teacher is not there.
    • Listen carefully and follow instructions. 
    • Ask the teacher if it's safe before trying any experiments of your own.
    • Never eat or drink anything in the laboratory. Look at what happened to Horace !!
    • Walk, don't run.
    • Tell the teacher if someone is injured, or if glass is broken.
    • Put broken glass in the glass bin.
    • Take care using Bunsen burners .
    • Clear the benches of anything you don't need before starting an experiment.
    • Tie long hair back.
    • Clean up when you are finished.
    • Place solids in the "waste" beakers.
    • Pour liquids down the sink with lots of running water.
    • Wear safety glasses when doing experiments.
    • Wash your hands before leaving the laboratory.
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